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GM SB2 NxtGen CNC Ported – Cylinder Heads The Small Block Chev or SBC engine platform has been a performance benchmark for many years. The SB2 CNC ported cast aluminium cylinder head is a splayed valve design which makes it the next generation from the wedge style head. Custom CNC ported heads developed from rough Edelbrock DR15 15 degree Castings Goodwin Billet 5.0" bore space SEMI HEMI The continued evolution of the Goodwin Competition SEMI HEMI
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Modular Head Shop Stage 3 CNC Porting Package for 3V Cylinder Heads. Cleaning, Stage 3 CNC Program, Bronze Guides, Competition 5 Angle Valve Job, Manley +1mm Oversize Stainless Steel Intake and Inconel Exhaust Valves, Stage 3 PAC RPM Series Valve Springs, New Viton Valve Stem Seals, Surfacing and Assembly.
Slawko Racing Heads Fully CNC Ported Ford GT500 Heads. Full 5-axis CNC porting & competition valve job $1,650.00 Tap the HD button in the bottom right of the video for a better viewing experience.

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Ideal for 302- 406 c.i.d. engines, these heads feature high-velocity, small cross-section intake runners to promote low-rpm torque and high-rpm horsepower. Fast As Cast® runners deliver near-CNC-ported flow and performance for about the same price as regular cast heads.

The "Street" heads have started shipping out already so those are ready to roll. To be honest, if you dont plan on running upper 20s psi MINIMALLY the Streets will be more than sufficient for you. The Race heads are meant for just that -- cars that are consistently running 30+psi and making big big power Jeff

Katech Introduces CNC-Ported LT4 Supercharger and Snout Posted on February 15, 2018 by adminkatech in blog Ported supercharger and snout combined with Katech’s 103mm Throttle Body adds more than 30 rear-wheel horsepower to LT4 engines Katech Inc., one of the world’s premier performance engine builders, today announced CNC porting services for LT4 superchargers and supercharger snouts. They feature a reduced diameter 12 point heads for easy access in applications that have countersunk head bolts (such as our Stealth aluminum heads or Edelbrock Performer RPM heads), but they also work great with factory iron heads. Rated at 170,000 PSI, they are far stronger that the factory head bolts, or even a standard type grade 8 bolt.

PROMAXX CNC PORTED BBC 340cc Cylinder Heads - $1,895.00. The Shocker CNC 340cc BBC is a professional designed cylinder head using the latest CNC porting tools. These heads out flow the competition at a price that cannot be touched. Some comparable heads are double the cost of one Shocker 340 CNC. Flowing over 415 cfm, this head is on top of the heap. CNC Cylinder Heads. Please refer to our new CNC Heads page at:

CNC porting. Save Share. ... 8012 and 8021 are both Stealth. 8012 for std port heads, 8021 for CJ port heads. Show Full Signature. 1972 torino 460 c-6 1988 turbo coupe, 1978 f150 460/c6. Save Share. Reply. customblackbird · Registered. Joined Jul 15, 2010 · 2,452 Posts #19 • Dec 3, 2010. fordman59 said: 8012 and 8021 are both Stealth. 8012 ...Total Engine Airflow specializes in CNC-PORTED aluminum cylinder heads, custom cylinder head assemblies, and support components for GM, Ford, Mopar for street/strip, competition, and racing applications.The guys I know that are porting heads actually probe the head on their Boston Digital 5 Axis machine with a stylus that is the same diameter as the tool. Visually the parts are phenomenal(sp?) but I don't know if there are the gouges you are speaking of.

CNC ported Brodix 13 degree Small Block Chevy cylinder head. CNC porting and port design by HVH. 2.180" intake valve job and 1.600" exhaust valve job. 380 cfm @.700"!! $1850 is for one CNC ported head. No other parts included. Call Joe @(865) 573-9151 for more information. CNC ported EJ205 heads Engine/Power/Exhaust. Welcome to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club: Sunday January 5, 2020 There are multiple methods of obtaining a set of LME CNC ported heads perfectly sculpted for your hot rod: Standard Core Exchange - We will swap out your usable cylinder heads with a freshly ported and prepared set once we receive them via your preferred shipping method or drop-off. Therefore, you will not be charged for the core exchange. During 2013 our CNC ported 3V heads have all been upgraded to our latest designs following an extensive R&D program. The 220cc and 242cc CNC ported heads combine minimal port cross sections and maximum flow once again. For those of you looking for something bigger again check out our 3V Pro Series heads.

Feb 13, 2010 · I ported my mopar 440 heads using their template kit, it was by far the biggest bang for the buck of anything I ever did to that motor. It is pretty simple porting, and I'm sure still give far less of a return than professional flow bench or CnC porting, but really costs nothing but about 10-12 hours of your time. CNC Cylinder Heads. Please refer to our new CNC Heads page at:

7.3 Ported and Polished heads I figured I'd fill anyone interested in on a big project I've been working on and have finally got these custom ported and polished 7.3L heads over to a friend's to have them flowed.

SCREAMIN’ EAGLE PRO Cnc Ported Factory Heads With Valve Upgrade, 16500013A - $745.00. Update: I added a pic of the intake port flow numbers. Yes, the front head has tapped holes for 14-Later FL Twin Cams. Combustion chamber volume is the same as OE. See the fitment below. These are brand new in the box. Retail is $1000. Gaskets are not included. I'm selling them because I sold my bike for a ... Looking to get more out the LS cylinder heads that you already have? We have the means to CNC port most LS heads to give you that edge you're looking for. CNC porting starts at $1199 and includes a 5-angle valve job. Give us a call to see if we can improve your heads. Examples of a ported and unported LS3 head: Ported Head Flow Bench Lift No. 1 No. 2 0.1000 69.3ccfm 53.1ccfm 0.2000 150.9ccfm ... Modular Head Shop Stage 3 CNC Porting Package for 3V Cylinder Heads. Cleaning, Stage 3 CNC Program, Bronze Guides, Competition 5 Angle Valve Job, Manley +1mm Oversize Stainless Steel Intake and Inconel Exhaust Valves, Stage 3 PAC RPM Series Valve Springs, New Viton Valve Stem Seals, Surfacing and Assembly.

Find Cylinder Heads with Aluminum Cylinder Head Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!The smallest intake volume runners in our line-up, but donÍt let size fool you. Our 305cc ñAs Castî with CNC bowl blend or fully CNC ported 315cc aluminum cylinder heads will provide you with flow numbers most medium sized heads, and some larger, can only dream about.

SBC 434 COMPLETE ENGINE. W/220 AFR CNC PORTED ALUM. HEADS. THIS ENGINE IS HAS A SPECIAL ROLLER CAM & HEADS - 660 HP. Dart Block with splayed caps finished bore size on SV10 Diamond Sunnen hone using deck plates. With Stealth heads it will be pretty much all done by 5000 RPM unless they are seriously ported as in CNC'd with final hand finessing. Performer RPM minimum or the Indy dual plane intake for max bottom end torque but with 500+ cubes a single plane won't kill much bottom end.

5-Axis CNC Head Porting, CNC Chambers, NEWEN Competition Valve Job, Manganese Bronze Guides. CNC Porting is designed for +1mm Int, +1mm Exhaust or +2mm Exhaust. We ship over all the World. With a decade of design adjustments built into this EVO Port Design, we are often quickly copied by many competitors. Our services include CAD Design, 5-axis CNC porting, engine building and dyno testing. Take a look at our photo gallery of our range of CNC ported 4 cylinder heads, CNC ported 6 cylinder heads, CNC ported inlet manifolds and CNC CAD images. Our video section contains several videos of our 5-axis CNC porting machine in action.

Brand New Brodix Head Hunter 383 CNC Ported Heads, CNC Ported and Valve Jobed from Brodix These are not seconds, and new from Brodix in June 2017. 2995 for 2-Brand New Castings cnc ported and valved from Brodix, Complete with there severe duty valves and Comp 948 triple 1.650 spring and Manley Tit Retainers Comp locks and spring cups completely ... I would like too know your opinions on who has the best cnc program for the money on a set of 18 bolt A460 heads that would be going on a 4.6 bore with either a 4.3 to 4.5 stroke engine between 13 to 14 to 1 compression rpm limit around 7500 using a single carb. Thanx in advance.

Designed in conjunction with the system-matched components of the Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee-Eight® Stage IV Performance Kit, these CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads have been meticulously machined to optimize air/fuel flow and velocity. Starting with a unique Screamin' Eagle® cylinder head casting, the Screamin’ Eagle® team has dedicated countless hours of computer simulation and flow bench ...

The price listed is for you sending your cathedral port cylinder heads (4.8/5.3, LS1, LS6, LS2, LQ4/9) to us for porting. Our stage 1 porting service will include the re-use of the stock vales. Stage 2.5 will include aftermarket 2.02/1.57 stainless steel valves.

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